Art as Residue

I was reading an article recently about art, very cynical and full of labels, really treating art as a commodity, as only a product to be purchased. It is a tricky business because after all art is a commodity to be bought and sold. There are art investors who treat art as a for profit business, there are artists, who happily oblige, they even coined a phrase "zombie formalism", to describe these artists .

Frankly I find this rather difficult to deal with, because the business side of art is the least interesting part to me. Admittedly I do not seem to sell a lot of my work currently and I would love to sell more. I know the rush of sending someone home, with one of my pieces, knowing they will have that work, in their homes to enjoy for a lifetime.

Art making is always a process, a series of experiments. In some ways the finished product is the least interesting aspect, for the artist its always the end point, something to learn from, at some point the next puzzle takes over. Art is always a residue, for the artist, its a result of the striving to understand ones own creativity and process. Below is a sketch of a piece I have been working on for some time and can't seem to finish, the piece is about the difference between male and female energy. So in my analogy, male energy is the pyramid , a hierarchy, for someone to be on the top there has to be a vast support structure underneath. Female energy is more like moss or feathers, in my thought of how to express a very complex thought visually.