After attending the Pre-Oscar show at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood , hosted by Larry Mantel, I feel like I am more interested in the Oscar picks, than I was before. A lot of the critics really responded to the new "Mad Max Fury Road" movie, so I watched it. I do have a history with Mad Max 1 and 2. When I lived in London, I worked at a cinema in Hampstead as an usherette. I actually sold ice cream in the intervals, we had to wear a contraption and took the ice cream into the theater, I would stand st the front and a line would form, anyway they showed the Mad Max's as a double feature, so I probably saw them both, 50 times.

"Mad Max Fury Road" is an amazing film, what a exiting visual feast, a relentless chase, that turns around and does it again. All the actors do a great job, the costuming and effects are brilliant. My issue with the movie is that to use an amazing actress like Charlize Theron in a role where her gender is immaterial is not a move towards equality. The role created for her is that of a monosyllabic woman, who can drive like a demon and shoot and fight with ease, who also rescues a group of female sex slaves. Similarly to the way the character, Ray was used, in the recent Star Wars movie. It is not enough for film makers to use women in these roles that could interchangeably have gone to a man, and them pat themselves on the back for being gender inclusional.

When I first found out that both my husband and son use a female avatar when they play multiplayer computer games. I realized the only reason they did this is so they can watch a scantily clad female figure run about shooting other avatars. I think the same theory applies to the aforementioned movies.