Robert Irwin

TB and I went for a weekend in San Diego for our 23rd Wedding anniversary. He grew up there and lived in Kensington, we were married there and Kyle was born there, so we have a lot of fond memories of the place. We did some nostalgic driving around to all the places that have meaning for us as well as a celebratory meal at "Urban Solace".

I had wanted to see the permanent installation at the Museum in La Jolla by Robert Irwin for a while , it was installed ten years ago at least. Irwin, lives in San Diego, he was born the year before my Dad in 1928. I have always admired his work. I saw him give a series of lectures back at the end of the 1980's at Rice University , in Houston.

He is a wonderful speaker and a spectacular artist. The piece in La Jolla is stunning. He took a large window that goes round two corners, and cut three openings into the Plexiglas. It has the effect of revealing the beauty of the world, as seen through the clear window like spaces . The contrast of the Plexiglas ,that is covered with sea salt spray is very defined, he sets the stage to appreciate the revealed clarity of the ocean view.

I have a friend who is an interior designer , she uses a lot of neutrals and texture in her rooms, with very little window coverings so that the beauty of nature ,revealed though the windows are framed and highlighted. She lets us see nature and the world in a similar way to Irwin. I include two photographs of the Robert Irwin piece.