Bladderwrack Series

Strange how a new group of work starts to appear. Its often a surprise for me. This series, started with me cutting a drawing in half horizontally and attaching a new piece of paper ,between the halves. This drawing was from a series, that I just couldn't get to work. I also had some tracing paper circle drawings ,using purple ink, which I attached to the center part as a focal point. I had this piece up for a while, visually it started to niggle me, it was so difficult to look at. Sometimes this niggle, is what it takes to attempt some way to improve the piece, also there is something to be said for disliking a drawing so much, that I am willing to try anything to make it work.

With the addition of some collage pieces and circles in white , the drawing seemed to be moving in an interesting direction. I started to think of the kind of seaweed ,I grew up playing with, on beaches in Wales, its called bladderwrack and has small little pods we used to pop. I had nine more drawings , so I was ready to experiment , could I follow the same recipe I used for piece number one ,to make two series of five each. Indeed it worked and looking back seemed so simple, it is not a simple task however, to make a piece of work with separate elements that work together effortlessly.

My friend said about this series ,"Your art is like a story , the same theme weaves through it and like every unique story of a human being , your art is a unique story, every piece separate , but every piece intertwined".

See the first "Bladderwrack Series "below.