Hauser Wirth and Schimmel

Wow, walking into this new gallery space in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago was a startling experience. The gallery space is an old factory and the space is huge , more museum size than gallery size. The show "Revolution in the Making:Abstract Sculpture by women, 1947-2016" for me was like coming home, being surrounded by the work of my long admired art mothers, 34 women sculptors.

I want to thank the curator of this show for the breath and vision and for the sheer number of pieces on display, a joy to behold. To see a huge show like this is so affirming, to visually wallow in a sensibility, I so relate to ,is so damn nice. I had never seen a work by Lee Brontecou or Lynda Benglis who was a visiting artist while I was at RISD ,except in a photo. To see two beautiful Eva Hesse pieces was a real treat. I have long admired Magdalena Abakanowicz's work and Phyllida Barlow chosen to represent the UK in the upcoming Venice Biennial. And all the rest. I bought a catalogue something I rarely do, so I can remind myself of this work.

This is a gallery I would love to show my work at, big wall spaces with a lot of room for the work to breath. I show a sculpture of mine from the 1980's