One thing that struck me about the death of Muhammad Ali , was a comment by a young man who revered him. He said he was the first black man he ever heard who was exuberant and confident about his accomplishments. He did not cower or play nice, "float like a butterfly , sting like a bee".

Reading Ta Nehisi Coates book " Between the World and me", the idea of having to write a letter to his son to warn him of the realities of being black in the US , to constantly tell your children diminish yourself, follow the rules so closely or you might be killed by the police, is an unimaginable thing to me. The idea that I would have had to coach my son, through a possible encounter with law enforcement, as he hit puberty to try and protect him.

So thank you Muhammad Ali for providing an outrageous example of confidence and outspokenness ,that is true courage.

The series below is called "DNA Violet Eyes", its an attempt to do a smaller series