Listening to NPR about the death of two people who worked for them in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago, one was a photographer, the other a local fixer. It has become a very risky profession to bring news and information to the rest of the world.Listening to a colleague talk about the photographer she mentioned that he was not a talkative person, reserving all his energies for the task of looking. That really struck a chord with me, to be able to focus on one sense , sight ,and translate that sense, into a vivid language, takes a lot of focus.

Sometimes I feel as though as an artist ,what I do is taken for granted, by me and others, and I focus on all that I cant seem to do as well, namely promoting myself and selling my work. Yet the gift I have been given is immense , I need to honour and respect that more than I do, and more importantly have great gratitude, honour the gift.

These are two sketchbook drawings form the 1980's when I was at RISD, I was obsessed with boats, as a new immigrant it was a perfect symbol.