Another finished group

I have finished this group of drawings that developed when I cut a diptych that wasn't working into 8 pieces. Strangely I have now 10 drawings where there should be 8. I think that the two in the middle may have gotten mixed in. I have come to a period where I have documented all the work I have completed since 2007. I now have good photos of it all, I have dimensions and titles for everything. This is quite a feat of organization and hopefully I will be able to upload the ones I want to sell onto the Saachi Online site where I have created a profile. I must say this part of art making , the commerce side of art I do not especially enjoy. Of course its lovely  to sell work , to feel that someone wants to live with a piece that I have created. Its the getting to the part where they can hang my work on their wall that I find troublesome. I must persevere with this however, otherwise what am I doing this for. My stack of finished work grows ever larger and my bank balance somewhat depleted. It costs a lot of money and time to make art.