Brain drawings continue

The scope  of trying to come to grips visually with the images of neurons in the brain is literally blowing my mind. I have started another batch of drawings. I feel like I have been presented with such an exciting path. I recently was contacted by an old friend that I knew in Bulmershe College of Higher Education. This was the first college I went to to do a Teacher Training degree , I lasted a year, he lasted a short time also, we both hated it. Amazingly almost 40 years later he found my website and made some lovely comments about my work. He said that the latest drawings of the "Inside the Brain " series reminded him of Aboriginal art. Well I did go to Australia last year and look at a lot of Aboriginal work and loved it. I also went to Uluru or Ayers rock , so maybe it seeped in somehow. I am struck by how amazing our brains are , there are more connections in our brains than there are elemental particles in the universe, I just read this somewhere. So who knows maybe going to Australia and seeing Aboriginal work has influenced my new drawings.