Simple Complexity

I have a friend who seems to think I am conflicted about a lot of things. I am not a hundred percent sure what she means by this, because each comment, has been a particular moment, in a context. However, it has come up enough times for me to want to look at this . I think she means, that in general I do not have an easy time deciding which direction to go in . I  have realized that rather than being torn in two or more directions, which is somewhat true, its not the whole story . The truth is I find a lot of complexity in my world,  more than makes it easy, to make  a simple choice. Some of this is from my experience, I lived in four countries by the time I was ten years old, Libya where I was born , England, Wales and Lebanon where I lived for three years. In the UK I lived in five different towns. After moving to the US, I have lived in three different states and attended overall, four different colleges.

This perspective has coloured my life in many ways. I do not have an easy answer for most things, I do not see things in black and white, life for me is complex and sometimes needs a lot of explanation. I have a lot to say and live in a time when people do not want to listen , attention spans are short. People do not really look and yet,  I continue to make visual work. Am I a fossil from another age, or maybe a repository of complexity and paradox.

This complexity is reflected in my work, in my use of layering. I chose this process of adding more and more to a drawing a lot. Often I will go back in, to the drawing to simplify, so that the viewer can, at the same time  see many layers of information close up ,yet from a distance there is clarity. This is a tricky business and takes a lot of patience. Started a new series of Chakra drawings, below is the first Chakra.