Archaeology- uncovering and exploring the process of art making

As human beings we are complex creatures, so much  real learning is not so much acquiring extra information as uncovering what we already know. A truly wonderful teacher is able to bring forth our own inner wisdom and knowledge.

I was listening to the radio about a new crime, wine fraud, apparently bottles of wine  came on the market from Thomas Jefferson's supposedly secret cellar. These were sold to the other Koch brother, for vast sums, he began to suspect they were fake , when Jeffersonian  scholars said the year of the wine was historically impossible. He hired an FBI type investigator who with some help figured out how to test these bottles, because of their age they should have no radioactive cesium inside, a test with a geiger counter could verify this. This should give us pause, everything in our universe after the nuclear age has cesium in it , including us. 

Anyway it started me thinking of how amazing our bodies are, we are a living record of everything we have lived through, its all inside our bodies not just the scars, but inside our deepest tissue.

This reflects the process I take when I am drawing, a successful drawing takes any mark I make and uses it in the finished drawing. Its a bringing forth of  what was already there , these marks becomes a record of the history of its own making. The trick is being able to stay with the process through the transition ,when the elements in the piece look so wrong and out of place. Somehow magically these same marks when the drawing is resolved look so right , and it becomes possible to see the record of that journey.