I'm tempted to sing, "the eye of the vagina" (to the tune of "the eye of the tiger"), but I won't . I will say that the vaginal shape has been present in my work for a long time. I am currently continuing my interest in dark matter. I have finished a series of drawings that seem to be heading off in a new direction. In the drawings the vaginal shape is either an eye or an empty, boat shape, collage .on top of the dark matter, which in its turn seems to be ,atop a vaguely plant shaped structure

A while ago during a guided meditation , we were asked to go into a clearing and see Divinity   (whatever, idea or image was to come to us ,without judgement). I immediately saw a large very colourful , visceral ,divine, vagina shape in the sky above the clearing, Divinity is all its female elegance and power. I have been thinking of this powerful image for some time wondering how to incorporate it into my work. As often happens, images and shapes insistently push themselves into the work , invited or not.