Inner Worlds

I started this piece, now called "Inner Worlds", about six months ago, originally it was a triptych, so three pieces of paper. I found a vehicle for the myriad feather shapes I had cut out obsessively , along with an image of the planet earth. At first it seemed too simple to leave it at that.

I continued refining the planet earth, until I was happy with it. I ordered special tracing paper that was large enough to cover the earth, it needed a layer to push back the image and make it more coherent. I added two more pieces of paper and the eye slit shape, once more emerged. I like this reference with its inherent question, " am I looking outwards through an eye shape, at the world, or inwards ,at the inner world?"  The title directs the observation, I want the viewer to take.

Adding the small white circles is a nod to the idea of the space between atoms. The relationship of the nucleus to the atom , is similar to saying ,if the nucleus were the size of a golf ball the atom would be the size of planet earth. See the finished piece below.