Nancy Spero

When I was  staying with my friend and fellow artist Sasha Ward and her husband also an artist Ray Ward ,on my recent trip to England. She works in glass and has done a huge number of large pieces in hospitals and other public areas.  Here is a link to her website,

They showed me a recent purchase, a catalog of Nancy Spero's work- I loved her work very much,at one time and still do, more so than her husband Leon Golub, although in a way both had some  similar themes . I found her depictions  of the warlike aspects of humanity to be so very effective. She uses this image of a head with its mouth open and tongue stuck out as a metaphor for the revulsion of war, I feel.  She uses this image over and over as well as the erect phallus with its direct reference to the gun. The drawing with the figure astride a helicopter holding a huge gun between his legs is fantastic. Her work is timeless- mans folly throughout the millennia . I love the confidence in her drawings. There was a show in a gallery full of ancient Egyptian artifacts, using her 2 D work on the walls. The work paired so well together, giving her vision  the stature of mythology. Ray originally thought of my work when he looked through the catalog ,as I seem to be doing a lot of horizontal work lately, plus there is something of a love for gesture in her work , that reminded him of my work a little.  Here is a link to some of her images of her work.