Positive Feedback

Recently I received a letter from a fellow artist friend, towards the end of the letter he said talking about my work:-
 "Provocative because you make me think beyond what the surface is doing, Your work is not eye candy, its bold and I envy your gutsiness to fill whole walls with lots to chew on"
 How nice to be the recipient of such positive feedback, its rather rare in my life, and I appreciate the comment immensely. I find sometimes people have an easier time talking about what they don't like. It takes time to look for the positive.

Anyway still working away, a bit slowly in the heat of the summer, with no A/C in my studio. I was part of a local show at the Alexander Hughes Center called "Claremont Art Showcase", organized by the Claremont Art Museum and the Claremont Graduate University, that opened on August 19th and goes on until November 18th. Grateful to be included in this show.