Tentative Anxiety

Since my return for the United Kingdom last month I have been having an extensive email correspondence  with my brother, he is also an artist and lived over here in the US for six years , doing his MFA at Ohio State University in Columbus. We have been talking among other things, about the links and problems with our work. He mentioned that he and I have a similar issue with the shape and the ground , in other words what does the background end up becoming, merely an afterthought. He suggested that I make sculpture again and release the shape, from its ground.

Here is a link to my brothers website  http://duncanssmith.com/

I have been feeling of late that I want to make sculpture again, unsure of how to start . This idea of my brothers is a way into the medium again. I  I recently saw a video of Judy Pfaff talking about a recent show. I have admired her work for a long time. She usually does installations, this show is more wall based and more contained than other work I have seen.

Here is a link to the video    https://vimeo.com/35771492

Here is a small maquette  I made today.